Frequently Asked Questions

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Support queries will be answered within 24 to 48 hours.

1) How does MB functions/works?

Meri Bachat is a platform where consumers can buy gift vouchers for reputed brands at discount which they can use for buying thing at the brand store (Online/Offline) for themselves or gift it to their loved one.

2) Can I use 2 different cards together on brand website?

Most of the brands available on our website allow 2 different cards together on brand website, it is recommended to read the brand terms and condition before buying gift voucher.

3) What is the refund policy in case of transaction failure?

In case transaction fails where payment has been deducted but the gift voucher has not been received by consumer in the inbox , after waiting for 30-60 minutes , in that scenario please drop us a mail at and after investigation , money shall be refunded into the same account which was used to buy gift card.

4) How to check whether an outlet/store is applicable for discount?

For each of the brands which are available on Meribachat platform, please refer “How to Redeem” section which is available in terms and condition link for the given brand, “How to Redeem” section provides store locator as well as the way gift card can be redeemed online.

5) Can I use the gift card for myself?

You shall receive e-mail from Meri bachat once the payment has successfully received by us , please check your inbox ( also check , spam and promotion section of your inbox to find the mail) , gift card code shall also be available in Meri bachat App/Voucher “ My Profile section when user has logged in.

7) I didn’t receive the gift card code.

If you haven’t received the gift card, over the mail, there is nothing to worry about, please drop a note to us at and we shall respond back in 24 hours.

8) Can I use a gift card/discount more than once?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of times Gift card can be bought and availing discounts on our platform.

9) Why is the gift card not working?

In the rare scenario of gift card not working , there is nothing to worry about , please mail us the details on , we shall investigate and make all efforts to get your gift card working.

10) How does My Voucher, My promotion, MB Wallet works?

All the vouchers which has been bought by consumer shall be available in My Vouchers section, the promotion codes which we provide to our consumers when they buy a gift voucher is available in My Promotion section and MB Wallet is Meri Bachat wallet where all the cash back points for the user shall be accumulated which can be used to buy gift cards from our platform

11) How do I pay full payment on brand website? ( Eg: My bill at brand website is for Rs.1350, discount at Meri Bachat is for only 500, 1000, 2000.)

In such scenario , it is recommended to buy a gift voucher of INR 1000 and remaining 350 should be paid by consumer either over the counter or through payment gateway , there are few brands which allow partial redemption in that case the entire amount can be redeemed and the remaining balance in Gift card can be used next time.

12) How do I list my business/brand on MB?

Please reach out to us at

13) I want to change my registered email id or mobile number.

You can change your email by updating email in Profile section.

14) My query is not listed here. What to do?

In case your query is not listed here , please drop a mail at and we shall revert back to you at the earliest.

15) Do the Gift Voucher & Gift Card effects existing offers at the stores?

Gift Vouchers and Gift cards are over and above the existing offers and you will be paying discounted price while purchasing from us and redeemed for full value. o Since this Gift Voucher and Gift cards are issued by respective brands it will not affect existing offer and you will be benefited with additional discounts.

16) Can I use multiple Gift Vouchers/Gift Cards for a single Order?

Yes, You can. These GVs & GCs carry value you can use multiple vouchers to enjoy more discounts.

17) What if I lost a Gift Voucher/Gift Card that I purchased?

Depends on the respective retailer's discretion they may consider the replacement upon submitting proper proofs and completing formalities.It is recommended to read the brand terms and condition.Meri Bachat is not responsible for loss of GV/ GC.

18) What is Gift Card and Gift Voucher and How it works?

Gift cards (GC) and Gift vouchers (GV) are cash less transaction which carries value worth equalent as mentioned in it. This just like a cheque and can be redeemed at the time of purchase and at the respective retail places

19) How can I check balance on gift card?

You can visit brand website for instructions to check balance on gift card. It is recommended to read the brand terms and condition as well. For some brands, full amount of gift card should be used in purchase so there is no check balance facility available for such gift cards.